Design fittings
     to enhance your glass

Design your exhibition furniture to display your exclusive products!

Our products are the fruit of a research and demands which can be summed up in two words: beauty and quality.

The Neoline France glass fixings result from the fusion of an accurate and elegant shape, and an advanced technology. Exclusively manufactured in top-of-the-range materials like solid brass and stainless steel, the Neoline France products meet all the needs and requirements in three ranges.

The Design range

From the original model in limited edition to the technological part, our designers, our research department and our manufacturers conceive and carry out fixings and accessories of high aesthetic and functional content. The finish of material and adjustments, the setting systems, the screw covers, the flushing of the parts on the wall glass, are all studied in order to offer unique fixings and products of exception. The design range complies with the requests of contracting authorities and building project managers, the luxury hotel trade, the interior design, companies and shops.


The Essential range

Robust, practical and tested, these Neoline France fixings have passed our research department quality validation . After extended calculations, controls at each stage of the design-realization and bench-tests, these items are marketed for their reliability, their durability and their very competitive price. The range meets the needs of mirror dealers, craftsmen and glass products fitters.


The Security range

Locks and shop window locking systems, control and access accessories are developed by our in-house research department,

in strict respect of the specific needs and regulations of defence against burglary and forced entry.

Dress your glass depending on your tastes and on your space available!


Install a secure and visually pleasing access!

Close your offices in total transparency!


Give a touch of modernity to your stairs, secure your terraces and swimming pools!


Highlight architectural details and stand out through creativity

Neoline Design® breaks with the existing industrial standards and becomes a decorative object. Hinges, door handles, towel bars which have not changed a lot over time turn into designer pieces. Once they left the realm of being simply a functional item, they began to follow fashion, innovative materials trends and become a Trademark and a signature both for Neoline France SAS and for your interior.


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